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Ski Inn Ruka Village
Rukankyläntie 6, 93825 Rukatunturi
Kuusamo, Finland

Hotel RukaVillage - new, high-class hotel in the heart of Ruka! The hotel has been planned especially for the needs of skiing guests. Hotel reception and restaurant are located on the street level. Buffet breakfast is available for hotel guests every day. Each room and apartment are equipped with cooking facilities, so RukaVillage combines the benefits of hotel and apartment accommodation! RukaVillage hotel rooms have a sauna, small kitchen and possibility for extra beds. Room rates will include breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Hotel RukaVillage consist of 3 buildings which are connected to the main building and reception with a covered walking bridge. Hotel has 4 restaurants and 2 meeting rooms.

Every apartment has a ski storage by the entrance. The apartment specific parking places equipped with an electric plug (for heating) are located next to the apartments. Shared washing machine for all customers is found in a separate room. Also the bed linen and final cleaning are always included in the price. Most of the apartments have additional equipment too.

Aurinkorinne 33

The room is 33 m² ( 2-4 Guests) and  has 2x80cm beds and a living room. In addition, the room comes with a kitchen, shower room/WC, private sauna, fireplace, and a balcony. Amenities: balcony/terrace; free WIFI; drying cabinet; ski locker; ski maintenance room; dishwasher & microwave; fireplace with firewood; washing machine; oven.

Other types of apartments

  • Aurinkorinne49 is 49 m² (4+2 Guests). 2 bedrooms
  • Rukatonttu43 is 43 m² (3+1 Guests). 2 bedrooms
  • Rukasuites43 is 43 m² (4+2 Guests). 2 bedrooms
  • Rukatonttu51 is 51 m² (4+2 Guests). 2 bedrooms
  • Aurinkorinne55 is 55 m² (4+2 Guests). 2 bedrooms
  • Rukavillage40 is 40 m² (4+1 Guests). 1 bedrooms
  • Mastonaitio60 is 60 m² (4+2 Guests). 2 bedrooms
  • Rukasuites55 is 55 m² (6+2 Guests). 3 bedrooms
  • Rukavillage45 is 45 m² (4+2 Guests). 2 bedrooms
  • Rukavillage30 is 30 m² (2+1 Guests). 1 room
  • Mastonaitio70 is 70 m² (6+2 Guests). 3 bedrooms
  • Mastoinatio80 is 80 m² (6+2 Guests). 3 bedrooms
  • Rukavillage60 is 60 m² (4+2 Guests). 2 bedrooms
  • Rukavillage70 is 70 m² (4+2 Guests). 2 bedrooms
  • Rukavillage77 is 77 m² (6+2 Guests). 3 bedrooms
  • Rukavillage88 is 88 m² (6+2 Guests). 3 bedrooms
  • Rukavillage94 is 94 m² (6+2 Guests). 3 bedrooms
  • Rukavillage133 is 133 m² (8+2 Guests). 4 bedrooms

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