Exploring Tourism in Finland
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Midnight Sun Tour Of Lapland

Lorenzo was our incredible guide. His enthusiasm and personality made every day a unique pleasure. We visited Santa\'s Village and a Reindeer area there.I loved the chance to chat with people from this area of Finland. Lapland is beautiful- we walked to find blueberries along a river. Afterwards Lorenzo built a fire and grilled fresh salmon, reindeer sausage& corn. It was delicious! Then we traveled to Kuusamo for a bear watching EXPERIENCE! This was the highlight of our tour! We saw 20 bears-sometimes several at a time in 5 hours. Wow!!Amethyst mining *** , panning for gold**, seeing the midnight sun!!!! We visited the Siida Museum and traveled to Bugoynes, Norway. What an enchanting town with King Crab and a waterfall. Lorenzo made it all possible. He is the best guide!!!!

Thank You!

Great team! We were very very happy. Special thanks to Alexander for help, we are very grateful and thankful. Thanks to you we were able in a short time so much to see and learn. Thank you! Oxana Step

Thanks You For Our Vacation!

Very friendly and respectful firm! Well done guys and thanks for a wonderful vacation !!! Kiira Afanasjeva