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Overnight In A Glass Igloo Tour

Overnight In A Glass Igloo Tour Packages
Country: Finland
City: Rovaniemi
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Place Of Interest

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There are many ways to see the Northern Lights, but one of the most unique and relaxing ways to enjoy them is staying overnight in a Glass Igloo! The main reason to stay in a glass igloo is to enjoy the incredible sky views on offer in Finnish Lapland. They have some of the clearest skies in the world, as so much of the region is totally uninhabited.

Lapland is a perfect place to spend a vacation out of the big city bustle and relish pure nature. This tour is a fantastic way to experience the most popular tour in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Enjoy the most unforgettable night of your lifetime in the Arctic Glass Igloo! Although there is no way to guarantee an aurora sighting since a clear sky, geomagnetic activity, and a dash of luck are needed, the possibility for a great northern light show at the Arctic Glass Igloos is almost optimal.

Arctic Glass Igloos – total sky vision in complete comfort!! Spend a night or two in one of these wonderful igloos. Enjoy the night sky and hunt for the northern lights while lying comfortably in your own bed!!! Open November 30 – March 31. Other times on requests for groups. 25 glass igloos for 1-2 persons + one extra bed to each igloo, if required 5 family glass igloos for 4 persons + one extra bed to each igloo, if required.

The thrill of witnessing the Aurora Borealis is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. The Northern Lights dancing up above is such a powerful and unique natural phenomenon it changes lives down on Earth.

Duration: Overnight

Included: Transfer, breakfast, traditional Finnish sauna.

The Igloos:

- Are private

- Spacious

- Comfortable

- They have a 360-degree thermal-glass roof which allows you to see the sky.

- Warmly insulated

- Have a bathroom with a shower cabinet

- Have an alarm button, which you can switch if you want to be alarmed in the middle of the night if there is any Aurora Borealis in the sky

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