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Forestry Museum Of Lapland

Rovaniemi, Finland

Forestry Museum of Lapland is one of a kind; there is no museum-like ours anywhere else in Finland. During one museum tour you can get a wide perspective of how people worked and lived in forests here in Lapland during the 1870s until the 1950s. Original Lappish history. Most of the visitors appreciate our museum's atmosphere and people really like the idea of our museum telling the real story and original history of Finnish Lapland. There are nine real museum buildings in our museum ground, each one telling its original history and story about the work and life in very harsh conditions during the 19th century.

For decades forestry was one of the most important ways of earning money; it changed the whole way of living in Lapland. In our museum, you can feel and see how people really had to make their living through hard work. Original tools and equipment are displayed in the cabins and buildings. You can almost sense the tough history attached to those items.

Quiet and nice environment
Forestry Museums milieu and the whole museum ground is something worth seeing and feeling. You find our museum near Salmijärvi-lake and besides the original building, there are a lot of trees, arboreus environment, small animals (birds, squirrels, etc.) and relaxing nature.
You’re warmly welcomed to visit our museum! And please remember: by visiting our museum and other local museums, you are supporting and helping us to preserve the local cultural history and our genuine Lappish cultural heritage.

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