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Hämeenlinna, Finland

Hämeenlinna is a traditional and vibrant educational and cultural town at the junction of nationally important rail, road and waterway network.

Living up to its vision, Hämeenlinna is a lively, beautiful and pleasant beach town in Southern Finland, which strives for sustainable development and offers visitors and citizens a variety of services.

The City of Hämeenlinna was founded in 1639. Hämeenlinna presents the ideal combination of nature and culture. 375 years old, the city is full of historical sights and surrounded by beautiful nature reserves.

Hämeenlinna has had plenty of practice over the centuries to make itself a real treasure, both for adventurers and for those who simply want to relax and enjoy everything the region has to offer. This includes its impressive castles, charming attractions and fascinating museums, in addition to its birdsong, the crunch of white snow under your step and unforgettably beautiful landscapes: for example, Aulanko’s forest parkland, the Evo hiking area and National City Park.

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