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Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a vibrant seaside city of beautiful islands and great green parks. The city’s rhythm is laid back yet at the same time refreshingly active in terms of both the number and quality of restaurants and nightclubs.

Helsinki offers a wide range of experiences throughout the year:

-Design everywhere

Finland’s world-renowned modern design heritage can be seen everywhere in Helsinki. Famous brands like Marimekko, Iittala, Artek and Arabia are a cool part of everyday life here. There’s no way you can miss them and other great design!

-Urban nature a step away

The majestic shoreline, archipelago, parks, forests... Helsinki is one of the few capital cities in the world where nature is so close, even in the heart of the city!

- Sea all around you

In Helsinki you can sense the proximity of the sea everywhere, as the city has over a hundred kilometres of shoreline and around 300 islands in its archipelago. Maritime attractions are a must in the summertime!

- Unique architectural layers

The cityscape in Helsinki harmoniously combines elements of Neoclassicism, Art Nouveau, Alvar Aalto and contemporary architecture, offering a fascinating journey through the changing styles of past centuries.

-Great events all year round

Over 3000 events are held each year in Helsinki, and the thriving community oriented urban culture has inspired many innovative and popular happenings such as the world-famous Restaurant Day. Find out what's going on in the city during your visit.

- Friendly and helpful locals

Helsinki’s locals are extremely open and hospitable, and most speak English fluently, so don’t be afraid to ask us for advice. We’d love to tell you about Helsinki’s greatest secrets! Check out also local bloggers' tips for experiencing the city.

- Quality shopping and souvenirs

Helsinki has countless boutiques and larger shopping emporia that are packed with highly desirable Finnish design and international brands, as well as unique Finnish delicacies. Treat yourself and bring home a slice of Helsinki with you!

- Seasonal splendour

No matter what time of year you visit Helsinki, you will always experience something new. Summer, autumn, winter and spring all dress the city in different clothing and offers lots of unique experiences.

- Compact and functional

Visiting Helsinki is always a pleasure. There are no great traffic jams, the public transport system is amazing, cycling is easy, and the locals are only too happy to help you make the most of your visit!

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