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The Monastery Of Valamo

Kuopio, Finland

The monastery of Valamo, under the jurisdiction of the Finnish Orthodox Church, was evacuated from Russia in 1940 in the turmoil of the Second World War, and the 200 monks found a new home at Papinniemi in Heinävesi. After a quieter period, the monastery began to flourish in the 1970s; a new church was built and the church began to attract new novices. The brotherhood lives as a spiritual commune, which has its roots in the traditional asceticism of the Orthodox Church.

The growing number of tourists has changed the primary livelihood of the monastery: it is now the centre of Finnish orthodox culture and a popular tourist attraction. The monastery has over 160,000 visitors per year, and it is a popular place for celebrations and meetings. All profits made are directed to the maintenance and development of the monastery.

The monastery of Valamo is open all year round.

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