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Top 14 Places To Visit In Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is the country's largest city and is filled with things to do for visitors. It sits on a granite peninsula on the north coast of the Gulf of Finland, facing the Baltic Sea.

Whether you are here on a vacation with your family or you want to spend some romantic moments with your partner, Helsinki has it all. The city is not only famous for its scenic views and lush greenery but also for its heritage sites like the Suomenlinna which is the largest sea fortress in the entire world. Places to visit in Helsinki that offer a different experience for all types of travelers.

Here are the Top 14 Places to Visit in Helsinki, which are worth visiting on a Helsinki trip:

1. Fortress of Sveaborg & the Suomenlinna Islands

The fortified islands of Suomenlinna are an integral part of Helsinki. While they may at first seem remote, they are in fact easy to reach by a 20-minute ferry ride, using the same ticket as for buses and trams. It is now included in UNESCO's list of world heritage monuments and is a museum, a park, and an arts venue.

2. Temppeliaukio Rock Church

North of Helsinki's Hietaniemi area, along Fredrikinkatu, is Helsinki's Rock Church. Designed by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen in the late 1960s, the underground interior of the church was carved out of and built directly into the ancient solid rock of the Helsinki peninsula.

The inside of the church is bathed in a glorious natural light that enters through the glazed dome. It has a shallow circular dome (13 meters high) of copper sheeting and glass borne on concrete ribs. The church is also used as a concert hall due to its excellent acoustics created by the rough, unworked rock surfaces of the interior.

3. Helsinki Cathedral

The cathedral is among the most popular places to visit in Helsinki and is to be found in the northern region of Senate Square. It plays host to several academic festivities and national events. If you are a history buff, you will be further delighted by the sight of various sculptures of the apostle’s guard and exhibits of the crypt at this cathedral. Not to be missed, this cathedral is one of the main attractions of the city and has become a prominent landmark.

4. Uspenski Cathedral

This cathedral is one of the incredible places to visit in Helsinki. It is a historic building that has been standing since 1868 in the Katajanokka district of the city. The Uspenski Cathedral is the largest Orthodox church that you will find in all of Western Europe, making it a tourist attraction that cannot be missed.

5. Linnanmäki Amusement Park

If you are seeking places to go in Helsinki, the Linnanmaki Amusement park is an incredible attraction where you can travel with your family. It has been operational since 1950 and has been entertaining over 1 million visitors annually. From fun rides to special events, there are many reasons why you will love visiting this park. Remember to look out for the wooden roller coaster from 1951 over here. Further, you can enjoy its many arcade halls and an outdoor stage for playing games.

6. Korkeasaari Zoo

This is the largest zoo in Finland located on the island of Korkeasaari and a must inclusion in your Helsinki sightseeing tour. The zoo is home to a variety of species of flora and fauna ranging from habitats of the Arctic to the tropical rainforests. Enjoy the greenery here in its different shades during the different seasons of the year. Ferries operate from the mainland between May to September to reach the island. At other times, it can be accessed by buses and cars. Some animals that can be spotted here are the Siberian tiger, Amur leopard, and Eurasian brown bear.

7. Seurasaari Open-Air Museum

Situated on the beautiful island of Seurasaari is this Open-Air Museum. The museum gives insight into the Finnish way of life. It has historical collections taking guests from the Middle Ages to the present day. One can find cultural and church artifacts there. Furniture, costumes, jewelry, and portraits are all on display. Through these items, they have tried to show the evolution of Finnish society.

8. Esplanadi Park

This park stretches from Market Square to the Swedish theatre by the sea. It is a beautiful space lined with stores, cafes, and restaurants on either side of it, and definitely among the top nine places to visit in Helsinki. Stroll along on the cobbled paths as you catch glimpses of the beautiful town of Helsinki. If lucky, you might get to watch a live concert too. Otherwise, the local street performers make the place lively. In winters the trees are adorned by fairy lights and it gives the place a total festivity feel.

9. The National Museum of Finland

The National Museum of Finland (Kansallismuseo) was built in 1912 in a National Romantic style, Finland's own take on the Art Nouveau movement that was popular in Europe at the time. This style is especially appropriate for a museum whose purpose is to collect and interpret material on the culture and ethnography of Finland.

Of note is the Finno-Ugrian collection with traditional costumes and everyday cultural objects. The prehistoric section is the largest permanent collection of archaeological materials in the country.

10. Sibelius Park

This is one of the most exciting and scenic tourist places in Helsinki, being located at the seaside spot. The park and the memorial located within it, happen to be an exciting and historic destination. Tourists can come here to enjoy the kinetic music sculpture which is installed in the park. It is in fact a collection of 600 steel tubes with the ability to capture the wind like a pipe organ and send out melodious tunes, which happen to please the visitors to this park.

11. Wooden House Districts

The Wooden house district is among the most popular historic tourist places in Helsinki. Although most of them have been crushed, few remain to speak the story of their establishment. You will get to see some really incredible building features in these housing districts, which are in stark contrast to the modern-day infrastructure in metro cities. You will also find some interesting commercial establishments around the district to settle down while you are here.

12. Hietaniemi Area

Down the coast, south and east from the main railway station are the Rowing Stadium from the 1952 Olympics, kayak and canoe rentals, and the beautiful sandy beach of Hietaniemi. Next to this are several open fields frequently used as soccer parks, several restaurants, and a public sauna.

13. Ainola, Järvenpää

Ainola was the home of the world-famous composer Jean Sibelius and his wife Aino. Located on the shores of the stunning Lake Tuusula in Järvenpää, about ten kilometers north of Helsinki, it was constructed in 1904 in a classic timber style typical of the architect, Lars Sonck. The house was built on the lake to give the genius peace to create, while still being close enough to access important events in the nation's capital.

14. Helsinki Railway Station

Helsinki's strikingly original Art Nouveau railway station (Helsingin päärautatieasema) was designed by Eliel Saarinen and is especially notable for American tourists because it 48-meter-high clock tower was the first of several designs that finally resulted in Saarinen's 1922 Chicago Tribune Tower — America's first skyscraper.

The exterior of the station is made of local granite, featuring an immense archway over the entrance, which is flanked by two giant statues on each side. The figures each hold globes that illuminate the façade at night, making a striking landmark.

Besides these, there is much more to see in Helsinki!!!

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