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7 Day Winter Week Tour In Pello – Seeking Aurora Borealis

7 Day Winter Week Tour  In Pello – Seeking Aurora Borealis Packages
Country: Finland
City: Rovaniemi
Duration: 7 Day(s) - 6 Night(s)
Tour Category: Nature Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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This 7-day winter tour in Pello is just perfect for all the Northern Light seekers, and that’s the reason why we deem it the best winter week tour to follow the Northern Lights here in the Arctic Circle. From day 1, when our guide picks you up from the airport today 7 when our guide finally drops you back at the airport for your return flight, the list of adventures is perfectly curated for you.

We have a snowshoeing trip for you to start with, followed by a sauna session, a trip to the Ranua Arctic Wildlife Park, a visit to the Arctic Circle line, and Santa Claus Village. Later on day 4, you get an opportunity to visit Husky Park which also includes a 5 km Husky Ride. Other highlights of the tour include the Northern Lights trip, Snowmobile, Ice Fishing, Northern Lights hunt, Igloo stay, and nature tour.

Make the best of the days that you spend in and around Rovaniemi and embrace everything that the Arctic land has to offer.

Day 1 - Airport Pick Up, Transfer to the NUT office, Overnight Stay in Pello Hotel

Our guide will receive you at Rovaniemi Airport. From there you will be transferred to the NUT safari office where you get the winter adventure gear for the entire week. You will then be transferred to the hotel Pello Hovi. You will then be offered dinner from 7-9 pm. Overnight stay in Pello Hovi.

Day 2 - Snowshoeing, lunch, sauna, and Northern Lights hunt

Snowshoe trip for searching arctic animals. Breakfast buffet. The week starts with a beautiful trip up the hill for great views. We try to find wild animals and their footprints. Lunch by the open fire in a tepee on the summit. You will see an impressive view over Lapland from the view tower. After the tour, try the traditional wood-heated sauna and enjoy dinner. Northern Lights trip in the evening.

Day 3 - Ranua Zoo, Sauna, lunch, and Northern Lights Hunt

Today we go on a trip to the Ranua Arctic Wildlife Park. The day starts with a breakfast buffet. Later, we go visit the exotic wildlife living in Lapland. Ranua Wildlife Park is the leading tourist attraction in Lapland. The park has plenty of space inside for the inhabitant of wild animals. And animals inside have plenty of space to venture around. The visit is followed by lunch on the park premises. After the return, we go to the sauna which is followed by dinner and a Northern Lights trip later in the evening.

Day 4 - Arctic Circle, Santa Claus Village, Husky Park, Santa’s Reindeer, Sauna

Start your day with a breakfast buffet. Today we go on a trip to the Arctic Circle, Santa Claus Village, and Santa’s reindeer. You will have a chance to visit the husky farm nearby where you also get to enjoy a 5 km sleigh ride. Cross the Arctic Circle in the Santa Claus Village and you’ll also receive certificates of the crossing. You will get a chance to meet Santa and you may buy a picture with him.

Santa Claus Village is a really good place for shopping. Then we meet the reindeer herders and enjoy a short reindeer sleigh ride. Lunch is scheduled in Santa Claus Village, after that we will go to a sauna. This is followed by a dinner and the Northern Lights trip in the evening.

Day 5 - Snowmobile, Ice Fishing, Northern Lights Hunt, Igloo Stay

After a morning breakfast buffet, today we go on a snowmobile safari and ice fishing. We drive a snowmobile through the lush Lappish outdoors which is covered in magnificent landscapes. After the snowmobile tour and ice fishing, we head to the Sauna. This is followed by a dinner and a Northern Lights trip in the evening.

Your overnight stay is reserved in a snow igloo. Please note that this program is available from December – to April.

Day 6 - Additional Activities, Nature Tour

The day is reserved for optional programs. You will be served the breakfast buffet. After that, you can opt to book a different safari with us by paying an additional price or you can just enjoy nature. Later, you will be served a dinner which will be followed by the Northern Lights trip on foot in the evening.

For the day, you can book some activities at an additional price, for example, IceBreaker cruise, Skiing, Snow Adventure Day

Day 7 - Breakfast, Airport Transfer

On the final day, you will be served a breakfast buffet and then transferred to the airport. Finally, you bid goodbye to the snowy Lapland!

*Accommodation in Pello Hovi with nature views cottages at an additional price.

**Christmas and New Year dates do not apply.

***Minimum 4 persons paying full price

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